Yes, There are More Digital Advertising Ways to Reach Millennials

BY Rachel Cagle
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Yes, you read it right! There are indeed more digital advertising ways to target the millennial audience.

Millennials are the first generation to have grown up playing video games. Since Nintendo debuted the first console in 1985, video games have taken America by storm, and you can now play them pretty much anywhere since they’ve expanded from consoles and computers to mobile devices. 

It’s great for the 67% of millennials who never outgrew their childhood gaming habits and play games monthly. But what good is that for advertisers targeting millennials but not selling video games?

Opportunities for Digital Advertisements

Well, millennials don’t just like playing video games. According to a study by Nielsen, 71% of millennial gamers also watch others play through gaming video content (GVC). Platforms like Twitch and YouTube are stocked full of gaming content for millennials to watch. 

Their average viewings last for roughly an hour and 37 minutes. Most millennial gamers watch GVC about twice a week for an average weekly view time of approximately three hours. That means that millennial-​targeting businesses and digital advertising companies have about three hours each week to promote their offerings via video advertising. 

According to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel, within the last six months, 26.4% of millennials have watched a TV commercial on YouTube, and they’re 51% more likely than others to take action after seeing pre-​roll video ads.

Buying Power

Millennials also aren’t the children some older generations still see them as. They’re now between the ages of 22 and 38. At least 46% of millennial gamers have kids, and 54% have full-​time jobs, earning them an average household income of $58,000. 

These are the ages who can appreciate digital advertising. You may also be surprised to learn that half of millennial gamers are male, 48% are female, and the remaining 2% identify as another gender.

Final Thoughts

On top of all the other digital media millennials consume daily, don’t let your clients leave out QVC channels! Ads on these platforms will grab the attention of more millennials than your clients may realize.