Yes, You CAN Reach That Prospect! Here's How

BY Jessica Helinski
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Do you ever feel like you just can’t get through to buyers? You’re not alone. Busy schedules and gatekeepers are just a couple of the common obstacles reps face. But, don’t give up; chances are good that you will get through. RAIN Group President Mike Schultz reports that 82% of buyers say they accept meetings at least sometimes with sellers who reach out to them. 

Using research by RAIN Group, Schultz shares insights into how salespeople successfully reach buyers and which factors have the most influence. The following are the top factors that influence whether a buyer connects with a seller: 

  1. A need for the product or service (now or in the future)
  2. Currently have the budget
  3. Provider offers to share something of value
  4. Buyer has a pre-​existing relationship with provider
  5. Has previously purchased from the provider
  6. Has heard of the provider’s company/​business
  7. Referral from inside the seller’s company
  8. Checked the provider’s profile and felt he/​she is credible

Now that you’re aware of what can influence your outreach attempt, it’s important to know which ones you can control, can influence, or are influenced by an outside factor. Below, are a few factors reps can directly influence:

  • Offer something of value. Lead the communication with a value-​based offer to give the prospect reason to connect. 
  • Update that profile! Make sure that your LinkedIn profile helps, rather than hinders, your credibility. This means using a professional photo, highlighting awards or honors, showcasing past work, and getting recommendations and endorsements.

Now, there are some factors that you may feel you have no control over (like the buyer’s budget). This isn’t necessarily true. “You may look at need, budget, or whether the buyer has heard of your company and think that many of these factors are out of your control,” Schultz writes. “On the contrary, you can influence almost all the factors on the list….” 

For example, you actually can have influence on a prospect’s need. While a prospect may not initially feel like there’s a need, you, the seller, can show them the results your product or service will bring. “It’s up to you to educate and inspire the prospect to see the opportunity and potential,” he explains. 

For even more ways you can influence buyers to connect with you, read Schultz’s entire article, which you will likely find inspiring. Rather than make excuses, use his research and tips to successfully reach out to your next “impossible-​to-​reach” prospect.