You CAN Master Upselling & Cross-​Selling! Here's How

BY Jessica Helinski
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The most successful reps know that there is an art to the upsell and cross-​sell. But, don’t think that it’s a difficult technique that only a few can do. Not only does upselling boost your earnings, it can also secure loyalty. In the travel industry, upselling and cross-​selling are important, especially for travel agents. 

As The Travel Corporation points out in an article for Travel Weekly, once you’ve qualified a client, you’re perfectly positioned to upsell or cross-​sell. “Your role as a travel agent is just this, using your expertise to find just the right experience for each client,” the article explains. “Using the qualification process will get you there, but it will also reveal opportunities to cross-​sell and/​or upsell to an experience more suited to their travel desires.” Once you do this, you become both a trusted advisor and opening a window to a continued relationship in the future. 

How can agents expertly do this with clients? Here is just one of the best practices suggested by Travel Weekly: 

Spot the opportunity

First and foremost, you need to be able to see when an opportunity to upsell or cross-​sell presents itself. Listen to what is the most important to the client and pick up on what he or she values most. Often, you can find an activity or amenity that the client hasn’t thought of but is something that is right up their alley. Jon Grutzner, president of Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold USA, recommends evaluating the “genealogy” the client: “Where have your travelers come from? What have they done before? Who is ready for a different kind of experience? 

Think about how their preferences may have shifted, or how a past experience could be built upon. “This approach can lead to increased opportunities for either cross-​selling (moving a client from one kind of travel experience to another form of travel, say from a cruise to a guided vacation) or upselling (adding time or extra inclusions, or upgrading to a more luxurious option to bring it to a different level of experience),” the article explains. 

Also, travelers tend to get stuck in a rut, sticking with what they are familiar with and what they know well. But many are likely open to suggestions for some variation. This is where education and your knowledge come in. Discuss how your suggestions tie in to what you know they enjoy and what they’ve loved about past travel experiences. Also, this will reveal that you are a valuable advisor who is both knowledgeable and a good listener. 

Read the rest of their article to learn even more ways to master upselling and cross-​selling skills. This will cement your role as travelers’ go-​to source for any of their travel needs (all while boosting your own sales!).