You Probably Aren't Making the Most of Your Reviews

BY Rachel Cagle
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Getting reviews from your clients is only half the battle. Making sure they’re seen, and in the best light, is another beast entirely. To make sure reviews give the best impression possible to prospective clients, follow these steps by Larry Alton, writing for CustomerThink:

Make Them Easy to Spot

You worked hard to get customer comments. Don’t hide them away on a page that’s not easily accessible to the public or stash them all at the very bottom of a webpage. Alton recommends incorporating reviews into their corresponding product detail information you have online. There, it will be easily accessible to the viewers who will find them the most useful. That way, your customers don’t have to sift through so many items as they look for relevant information.

Post the Good and the Bad

The point of reviews is to allow prospects to gain the most accurate insight into your products and services before they do business with your company. No business or product is perfect, so negative comments are expected. A lack thereof will only make prospects suspicious that you have something to hide. So, post all the useful comments you get, both good and bad, for everything you sell. They will help your prospects feel more informed and comfortable with their buying decisions AND your existing clients will feel heard. (Just make sure you publicly respond to the bad reviews to show that you value your customers.)

Add Review Rating Capabilities

The reviews you think may be helpful to prospects may not be the ones that end up swaying their buying decisions. The only way to know which reviews are having an impact on your site visitors is to allow readers to rate the available reviews with either stars or “helpful” vs. “unhelpful.” That way, your pages won’t get clogged up with reviews that may seem pointless to prospects and you can clear the way for new ones to better optimize your pages.