Your Clients’ Mobile Ads Should Be Short and Sweet

BY Kathy Crosett
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Consumers have a message for marketers that use mobile: keep it short and sweet. Integral Ads’ Media Quality Report for the first half of this year indicate mobiles video definitely engages consumers. Consumers check out mobile display ads, too. But, there are a few details your clients need to know.

First, let’s get to how analysts define viewability. In the Integral Ads study, and per the Media Ratings Council, display ads should have 50% of pixels on screen for at least one second. For video ad impressions, 50% of pixels should be on screen for two continuous seconds while the ad plays.

One way to measure ad success is to consider time-​in-​view details in addition to viewability. Integral Ads analysts measure time-​in-​view as the average exposure duration per impression. Consumers have plenty of content vying for their time, so it helps to know how long they’re seeing ads. In this study, desktop display clocked in at 10.58 seconds, while desktop video was measured at 14.42 seconds. For mobile devices, the comparable numbers were 7.43 seconds, display ads, and 13.89 seconds, video ads.

In all instances, publisher direct ads had the biggest numbers for time-​in-​view. Other ad buying types include programmatic, for example. Analysts believe that the higher quality content on publisher direct pages drives consumers to dwell longer and thus increases the ad exposure time. Not surprisingly, larger ads have bigger viewability stats. Specifically, desktop display skyscraper ads, measuring 160x600, did the best. On the five-​second measurement threshold, 48% of these ads were viewable.

Analysts also took stock of brand risk in this study. Specifically, they reviewed which types of risky categories a brand is likely to be exposed to. Marketers have a 42.1% risk of ads appearing alongside violent content with the purchase of desktop display ads on publisher direct sites. The same holds true for mobile web video ads that appear on publisher direct sites. The violence risk is measured at just over 40 percent. The other categories of brand risk are generally under 20%, regardless of the media format in which the ads appear, and they categories include adult content, offensive language, and controversial news.

Share these statistics with clients who might be concerned about how well their online ads are doing. You can check out your clients’ display ads by running a Digital Audit on them. The tool is available at AdMall from Salesfuel​.com.