$174,000 Sale Closed Using AdMall AudienceSCAN Report

BY Adam Ambro
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Christy Cuthbert, of the Las Vegas Review-​Journal, has been selling media for more than 14 years, and within the last three, started using AdMall. 

My client is an attorney who specializes in personal injury,” said Cuthbert. “This specific attorney is known in our city as a trend setter and is always seeking innovative ways to advertise. The client is one of more than 120 personal injury attorneys in our city and it is difficult for an attorney to stand out with so much competition.” 

There were two key stats that we found on AdMall which helped me craft an idea.

1. ‘This audience is 69% more likely  than all US adults (18+) to read the local newspaper via their website or app.’ This helped me convince him that advertising on our site was a way for him to reach his audience.

2. ‘Did you know Legal Service Clients are 70% more likely than all US adults (18+) to say I read a blog almost every day.’ This stat helped me convince him that a sponsored content program was the right fit for him to reach customers who are seeking legal services.” 

We sold him a sponsored content program, housed on our newspaper website, with distribution in programmatic audio, YouTube, TruView, CTV, programmatic display and video. They agreed to an annual contract of $174,000.”

I would recommend AdMall for all new sales reps and even seasoned sales reps because it is a great way to double-​check to make sure what you are pitching is in line with what the AudienceSCAN reports say. Sometimes, sales reps can get comfortable selling just what they are familiar with. AdMall forces you to look at real data and hopefully, the sales rep will adjust their media plan accordingly.” 

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