Survival of the Fittest (Gym) with Multi-​Media TV Campaign

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: New fitness franchise in town has direct competition

A Bowling Green, Ky. couple had just opened a gym as a side venture while keeping their full-​time jobs and raising three children. Television and Digital Marketing Specialist Brandon Miles knew they had stiff competition, especially with another workout franchise offering the same monthly rates. He felt WBKO could help them stand out in the crowded health category.

They [other gyms] offer much less in terms of support, guidance, culture,” Miles said.

Meanwhile, he knows that his new-​business prospects are building their business to support their family full-​time in the near future.

They have hired a great manager to run things during the day, and they come in before and after work to help,” he relayed.

Solution: An AudienceSCAN trend can open up the right kind of conversation

Miles opened his email and read through the Media Sales Opportunities in his daily AdMall Minute.

I believe it was an article about how people are starting to value their health and fitness again, and turning to gyms since they are so busy these days,” he recalled. “It focused on culture and what people are looking for, which is what [these gym owners] do well. I thought it showed the opportunity for them to relate to people in our market and pull them in.”

So, he took that industry tip to the business owners, as well as some more AdMall research on the gym-​going audience. Miles makes it a habit to read the daily newsletter and include AdMall in every research process when putting together a proposal or using information to court a prospect.

Result: A $2,400 per month multi-​media commitment

AdMall provided information to help understand the client's audience and how to speak to them. The fitness center owners agreed to an annual media plan for $2,400 per month, “when others felt like ‘gyms’ were a bad category for local advertising,” Miles said.

WBKO is running a television commercial with a, “Why did you join?,” angle showing three testimonials. The end tag is with the owners making the offer to sign up for $1, get a free fitness assessment, and a free 30-​day workout plan. They also offer to try it free for a week with no obligation. The spots run Mondays only on TV.

Miles also sold them display ads with WBKO’s Audience Targeting Network, focusing on a 5–10-mile radius around their location and the strip between them and the next smaller town where people often commute for work. The ads focus on people whose online behavior indicate they care about health and fitness, and they also geo-​fence competing gyms. Miles said the station tries to focus on Mondays and Tuesdays for digital.

Lastly, the gym owners are sponsoring WBKO’s MomsEveryday program. They shot two-​minute segments. One focuses on an elderly gym member using the Silver Sneakers program to get her membership and has gained enough strength to stop using a cane, do her own chores again, and more! The other is with the gym manager who walks through the gym’s app, what working with their coaches is like, and the general membership benefits.

Miles is proud of the ROI his campaign has earned so far.

They certainly get the most foot traffic, calls and online form submissions on Mondays and Tuesdays by far, and it seems every third week or so is extra heavy,” he said.

The daily minute@​admall.​com e‑mails have been directly responsible for securing meetings to discuss a customer's needs. This information helps prepare us to ask better questions or seek out proper pain points a local business may be feeling based on other things going on in their category or industry.”