3 Sales Tips You Unknowingly Learned from Family

BY Rachel Cagle
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Good sales advice comes from everywhere, even unlikely sources. Perhaps your family members were the first to teach you sales tips. SellingPower’s Herman Dixon learned a lot about leadership from his grandmother that can easily be refined into sales tips:

Be thankful for what you have.”

The most valuable assets any salesperson can have are loyal clients. If you are attentive to their needs and keep them updated with new products and services they can benefit from, you’ll have a steady source of income. However, all too often, salespeople tend to be more focused on finding new clientele to boost their number of sales channels. But finding new clients takes time and energy, if you’re doing your research correctly. If you’re dedicating most of your energy to finding new clients, your existing ones will be put on the back burner and may leave you if left there for too long. Budget your time well and take the time to appreciate what you already have while looking for new business.

Sometimes you have to simply tell people what they don’t want to hear.”

Sometimes, no matter how much research you did or how sure you are that a prospect is a sure-​fire sale, you realize your product or service isn’t as good of a fit as you thought. When that happens, you have to admit it. Don’t keep your sales meeting going, desperately trying to find a product or service of yours that can somehow fit the prospect’s needs. Once you know you can’t give the prospect what they want or need, admit that to them. Both of you will obviously be disappointed by the unfruitful meeting, but you will gain their respect and trust by being honest with them. Then, in the future, they’ll be more willing to give you another meeting if you find a product more suited to them.

Talk is easy. Actions make the difference.”

This one is simple: Keep your promises. It’s so simple to tell a prospect or existing client what they want to hear to reel them into a sale. You promise them your time and attention, but do you have the time or resources to give the amount you’re promising? Following through on promises is what creates loyal clients. If you can’t follow through on your promises, don’t make them. And if you fail to deliver on your promises, don’t be surprised when you start losing business.