3 Tips for Sales Call Tips For Effective Video Sales

BY Rachel Cagle
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Do you need effective sales tips for your video sales calls? The issue could boil down to the basics of video chatting, according to a recent Selling Power article by Henry Canaday. Here’s what you need to work on before your next call.

3 Sales Call Tips for Effective Video Sales

Plan Out Your Background

Having video sales calls from your home can make the meeting more personal. However, that can be just as bad as it is good. The good news is that your client can see personal belongings of yours that can inspire conversation. This could be a baseball hat of a mutually favorite team or a framed poster of the college you attended. However, those personal effects can also easily become too personal. A bed or piles of dirty laundry or dishes in the background will make you come off as sloppy and irresponsible. Who would put their trust and money in someone with those qualities? That's why one of Canaday's sales call tips is to be mindful of what your camera will be showing your prospect. If it isn’t professional, get it out of the way, even if that just means throwing it to the other side of the room.

Be Mindful of Camera Placement

Your camera needs to face you straight on, showing your mid-​torso to your entire head. If your camera angle is pointing up at you, you’ll look like one of those old guys on social media who doesn’t know how to take a selfie. (They could also get a look up your nose… ew). And it’ll also seem as if you’re looking down at them. If the camera is too high and you have to look up at the prospect, it seems more like you’re trying to take a selfie again and they’ll miss out on a lot of your body language. Your neck is bound to hurt after a while as well. Also, if the camera is too close to your face and that’s all the camera picks up, it’ll be a little unnerving. And if you’re sitting too far away and they can see your entire body…. That’s just weird. No one does that unless they’re actively testing a product. Keep the camera placement standard during your video sales calls.

Pay Attention to Communication Details

Other effective sales tips for video sales calls are all about your body language. Your clients have nothing to focus on during a video sales call except for your upper body (that often doesn’t include your hands) and your voice. So, they’ll be hyper focused on your tone of voice and your facial expressions. “Make sure the speed, tone, and volume of your voice reflect the message you want to send,” says Canaday. Also, make sure your facial expressions match that tone. You don’t want to be smiling pleasantly when talking about a serious problem your prospect is facing. A neutral face when talking about something exciting, such as the benefits of your product or service or when you’re closing the sale, can also send mixed messages. Don’t be afraid to sneak a quick peek at your camera’s portion of the screen from time to time to make sure your face is communicating what you want it to.