3 Trends Financial Planning Firms Can Take to the Bank – and to the Client

BY Courtney Huckabay

"Investing is different and more involved today than ever before," Jordan Kasteler writes for Inc​.com. "Savvy investors who are planning for retirement should be aware of the evolving landscape. The following are three significant economic trends that will change financial planning for consumers in 2017."

Dip Your Toe Cautiously in the Digital Currency investment Pool

"While still a developing space, the popularity and success of digital investment alternatives is on the rise. Bitcoin's price has now hit close to all-​time highs twice this year alone, and other currencies like Dash and Ethereum are seeing regular price increases as well. Many consumers are turning to these currencies as a part of their investment strategy, banking on continued price increases."

"While these new currencies have been incredibly volatile, generally they have continued to appreciate in value since their start just a few years ago. As with any investment, caution is always advised, especially when there is not national or global oversight on the investment, as in the case of Bitcoin. Watch the development of these assets in 2017 and be cautious with your investments."

9.4% of American adults will want some guidance wading in to the Bitcoin pool. The new AudienceSCAN survey showed 9% intend to pay for financial/​retirement planning services this year.

Integrate Financial and Retirement Planning to Grow Your Money

Jeffery David Katz, of JDKatz, a law firm specializing in tax and estate planning shares, "Most concerning is that many attorneys don't systemically follow up with their clients as a scheduled and integrated part of the planning process after they've executed their estate planning documents."

"Fortunately, there are more alternatives on the market, like Stretch IRA Trusts, and Retirement trusts to help people distribute their assets and plan ahead. The best personal financial strategies will require planning for not just your retirement disbursements, but also what kind of taxes you will have to pay and what services will still be available to you."

Planning firms can emphasize how they DO follow up on implementation in advertising campaigns. Informative newspaper ads can be advantageous. The new AudienceSCAN study showed 37% of Financial/​Retirement Planning Clients took action after reading newspaper (print, online, mobile or tablet) ads in the past month.

Collect Market and Political Intelligence for Effective Investment Decisions

"Regulations, whether from the federal, state, or local levels, are likely to have greater influence on markets in the years ahead, not less. That makes investing strategy both an outcropping of market intelligence and political intelligence. Every investor should watch the regulatory landscape to stay ahead of changes that the Trump administration, Congress, or other world leaders enact."

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