3 Ways to Promote Value and Sway Sales

BY Rachel Cagle
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Are you selling both your product or service AND value? If you’re unsure, think about your motive. Are you only selling to meet your quota and increase your commission? Or does your goal include selling to people who can genuinely benefit from what your company has to offer? If your only motive is money, you’re probably making fewer sales than if value was one of your driving factors.

According to Lestraundra Alfred, writing for HubSpot, there are a few keys to value-​based sales:


Does your pre-​sales pitch research end once you’ve found a company in an industry you generally target? Yes, such a company could benefit from what you have to offer, but you won’t know for sure until you dig a little deeper. Find articles that have been published about/​written by the prospective company, as well as social media posts and reviews. Are there any glaring problems they’re facing that you could help solve? With that information, you’re providing value for the prospect and will be able to give a more personalized pitch instead of a general monologue about how great your product or service is. 

Be a Teacher

Your prospect does not know as much about your product as you do and they don’t know you. If a stranger tries to sell you a product based only on their opinion, are you going to believe them? Probably not, and you probably won’t buy that product. To win over your prospect, you need to explain how, specifically, their company could benefit from working with you. “When you take an education-​first approach, you become their go-​to resource for information which helps you build trust,” says Alfred. “Once trust is established, when the prospect is ready to buy, your offering is far more appealing because you have already demonstrated value instead of pushing the sale without any proof of value for the buyer.”

Be Personable

Don’t forget that you’re selling yourself as well as your product or service. Dozens of other salespeople are selling your product, why should the prospect choose you? Alfred says that asking open-​ended questions and talking with the prospect as if they are a friend can help sway a sale. Those two tips will help the prospect feel more involved in the sales process and comfortable around and buying from you.