Sales Funnel Tip: Use Video To Guide Prospects Through

BY Jessica Helinski
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Your sales funnel has different stages, so it makes sense to cater each outreach dependent upon where the prospect is in your funnel. And, salespeople must routinely communicate to keep prospects moving along through their buying journey. Considering how increasingly important, and common, video has become in the sales world, have you thought about using video outreach to move buyers through the funnel? “Business[es] have come to understand the value of video and its effectiveness in building brand awareness and trust to increase sales and revenue,” writes Torrey Tayenaka for MarketingProfs. “Throughout each stage of the sales funnel, videos can convey information and evoke emotional responses like no other medium can.” 

While traditional meetings and calls are effective, videos are much more engaging and can help you stand out. They also offer quick, yet valuable, bits of information all while showcasing your personality, and as Rachel Cagle pointed out in a past SalesFuel blog post, “Consumers are more engaged by videos than pages of text…” 

Sales funnel stages and video content for each

Certain types of videos, Tayenaka explains, do particularly well with certain stages of the sales funnel. He briefly outlines each of the three parts of the sales funnel and then discusses which types of video and content are appropriate for each. Reps can easily put together short videos that complement the journey through the funnel.

For example, he introduces the discussion about mid-​funnel prospects, pointing out that, at this stage, these buyers are interested in but not convinced about purchasing. “Buyers who have moved on to the middle section of the sales funnel have expressed interest but are not yet ready to commit,” he writes. “With their problems defined and the solutions you provide clearly established, video content in the middle of the sales funnel is an opportunity to present the specific ways you have answers to their problems.” 

He encourages reps to use videos during this part of the sales funnel that will help prospects go a bit deeper into what is being sold. Multiple videos covering different topics can help widen prospects’ scope and build confidence in both you and your company. They can also be used to uncover objections (SalesFuel's Voice of the Sales Rep reports that not understanding or needing a product/​service is a common objection). 

Two content suggestions he includes are:

  • Instructional/​How-​to videos. Create a quick video to show how an aspect of your product or service can be used or to address a question that the prospect had previously asked. “Showing them how to optimize your product or service will prepare them to become customers: They will already know how to use your product or service when the decision is made,” Tayenaka explains. Showcase your knowledge of the product or service while also educating the buyer.
  • Tips and tricks. Use these videos to give mid-​sales funnel prospects unique insider tips on using your product or service. “Show viewers how to get the most out of your product or service by providing what seems like inside information to give them an advantage by using what you are offering,” he writes. “Connect in a way that builds trust and lets them know their value to your brand." Also, consider throwing in tips from other customers to add even more credibility.

Your sales funnel, as you know, needs constant attention to keep it flowing. Why not stand out, drive a deeper connection and provide value for each prospect in the funnel by using video? You can create quick, bite-​size videos that coordinate with each phase using Tayenaka’s suggestions. You’ll not only be capturing your prospect’s attention with a video, but also ushering through your sales funnel to the end.