AdMall's Digital Audit Closes Cold-​Call Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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An old-​school way of selling

Niel Sollod, a sales rep for Spectrum Reach, did things the old-​fashioned way when he approached a local furniture store.

[The furniture store] is a new direct client that I approached with an in-​store cold call,” said Sollod. “They are a retail store that advertises only on social media. They had success using only social media advertising, but they started to have diminished returns and wanted to expose more consumers to their offerings. He is facing supply chain issues as well, but still stocks a large selection in his store.”

Sollod believes in a consultative selling approach, so he knew AdMall could help him assist the furniture store.

I offered to provide the owner a free digital audit from AdMall in return for meeting with me for a detailed needs analysis.”

The owner agreed, and Sollod followed-​up with his AdMall research.

I used AdMall’s digital audit to demonstrate that relying on social media alone was limiting his ability to reach his ideal consumer,” said Sollod. “It was helpful in confirming who that ideal consumer is and where they are located and what media they utilized that informed their purchases.”

Showing where the owner's advertising could improve

Having shown the furniture store owner AdMall’s data, and after working together with them to see where they could improve their campaign, the owner was convinced he needed to update his advertising strategies.

The population in the areas he serves work for tech companies and are online frequently and use broadband internet to stream video,” said Sollod. “We used a combination of zoned cable TV, streaming TV and online video.

Market intelligence from AdMall helped inform the best cable zones and geolocations for the streaming and online video.”

The company agreed to a new TV and online advertising campaign totaling $48,000 a year.

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