4 Trends Roofing Shoppers are Reaching For

BY Courtney Huckabay
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"Technology is touching just about every aspect of the residential construction industry, and that includes the roofing field. While some of the trends to expect in 2017 are based on the latest decisions being made by contractors and homeowners, many of those trends are being pushed forward by technology. The PDH Academy thinks it should be an interesting year for roofing in 2017, and here are a few reasons why."

Solar Roofs

"Tesla has invented roofing tiles that are actually put together to create a full solar power system," according to an article on PDHcontractors​.com. "Instead of having huge panels on your roof or property, you can now have a stylish roof that is made completely of solar panels. Since you will install the roof on all sides of your home, it will be able to continuously capture the energy you need."

Taking the greener approach could appeal to new roof shoppers. The latest AudienceSCAN study found 24% of Roofing Shoppers support the environment with their time or money. Also, Roofing Shoppers are 126% more likely than average Americans to drive hybrid/​electric cars.

Slate Roofs

"Asphalt shingles are in no immediate danger of being replaced as the default shingle material of choice, but 2017 will see less asphalt and more slate installed on homes around the country. Slate is being used more often because it is more durable than asphalt and lasts much longer. A slate roof needs to be reinforced because of the extra weight, but the maintenance costs are low and slate can last indefinitely if it is taken care of properly."

Slate roof options could interest the 6.1% of Americans intent on purchasing new roofs this year, according to AudienceSCAN research.

Living Roofs

"A living roof is an environmentally sound idea that also gives people who live in cities a place to have their own garden. A living roof is specially designed to support plants and keep your home cooler in the process. People are using green roofs as gardening space, and many are finding that a properly watered green roof is also helping them save money on their monthly energy bills by taking the strain off the air conditioner."

Roofing companies could target the city slickers in need of new roofs. The most recent AudienceSCAN survey revealed 41.1% of Roofing Shoppers live in urban/​metropolitan areas.

Lighter Roofs

"Homeowners are starting to appreciate how much their roof can do when it comes to keeping their homes cool and reducing their energy bills. A trend that started in mid-​2016 and is expected to grow stronger in 2017 is installing roofs with lighter color materials. Dark asphalt roofs absorb heat and make your house warmer. But lighter colors reflect the heat and make things a lot easier on your air conditioning and ceiling fans."

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