4 Types of Animated Video Ads that make Content Memorable

BY Rachel Cagle
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On Tuesday, we touched on different video ads marketers can use to promote their clients’ brands. And as promised, here are more details on how to make the most of animated video ads.

Animated video is one of the most effective ways to market your business based on its ability to distill complex ideas into memorable sound bites, its cost effective development, the vibrant and dynamic imagery, and unparalleled ability to engage viewers,” says One Productions. And your clients can use animated video ads in a number of ways. They can embed the video in marketing emails, post them on their websites and social media, and more. One fun fact from One Productions is that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the entire world.

One Productions offers some ideas on the numerous types of animated video ads you can create for your clients:

  • Brand Introductions
  • Tutorials
  • Web Series
  • News Updates

Types of Animated Video Ads

Brand Introductions

Animated videos are a fantastic way to communicate your brand story and your values with personality, accuracy, and professionalism,” says One Productions. The problem with most brand introduction videos is that they’re boring because they’re a dime a dozen. It’s always the founder or another higher-​up in the company standing center screen talking about the company. Insert yawn. Animated video ads add more to the brand introduction experience. The founder can become the narrator or an animated character that talks about the company while the video graphics show colorful and memorable examples of what the company does.


Both potential and existing customers search your clients' websites and social media profiles for tutorials. Tutorial videos give the viewer first-​hand knowledge of how the brand’s products or services work, as well as how easy they are to use. Animated video ads can make the experience more fun and whimsical, which in turn, can make the process more memorable.

Web Series

We have made a few of these animated video ads ourselves. Our Sell Smarter Video series includes monthly videos that feature tips for sales professionals. The videos were initially narrated by a spokesperson who spoke directly to the camera, but we saw more interest after we incorporated animation. You can check out the series here. Your clients can achieve the same success by first brainstorming topics they want to be authority on and making a series of short, animated videos to promote their knowledge and services.

News Updates

Think about the last time you watched a live news broadcast. The parts that are the most interesting are when you see videos of the action taking place, right? Why aren’t more businesses creating animated video ads to promote their news updates? Someone staring at a camera and reporting the news is not memorable or entertaining. Animated videos that include visual examples of the topics being covered keep viewers entertained long enough to watch until the end. And that’s the whole purpose of making video ads, right?