$60,000 Ad Campaign by First-​Time Buyer Sells Out Inventory

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Local RV dealer with no advertising experience

Doug Gibson, a TV and Digital Account Executive with KOB TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico, knew he had a tough road ahead of him. Gibson was tasked with working with an RV dealership to come up with an effective marketing campaign, but with the knowledge that the family-​owned and operated business had never once bought advertising.

The dealership had been in existence since 1979, but still hadn’t recovered from the recent recession, and so the family was rightfully reluctant to invest in anything. With the odds stacked against him, this is where Gibson’s AdMall expertise and knowledge of Local Account Intelligence Report and AudienceSCAN data came into play.

Solution: Work through the customer needs analysis (CNA) via AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report

Gibson, a purveyor of digital and TV media since 2015, utilized AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report to navigate the CNA and provide the business with vital information to showcase the benefit of advertising in such a way as to appeal to the first-​time buyers.

By having conversations based on industry specific and client-​centric information contained in the AdMall report, I was able to establish myself as an expert and provide value prior to the pitch,” Gibson said.

Two hours spent dissecting the AdMall report and a final hour entailing “closing the deal” amounted to a three-​hour sales presentation by Gibson, which led to the sale of $60,000 (annual) worth of advertising.

Result: A deal closed at $5K a month and a client with substantially increased sales

Gibson came up with an advertising plan that consisted, in part, of 30-​second television spots that would air during the late night local news and during Saturday Night Live. By using AdMall’s AudienceSCAN data, he was able to isolate specific demographic information in order to target these higher income audiences.

In addition, the campaign comprised “a combination of news, prime, digital, and three-​minute interview segments on [KOB TV’s] lifestyle show, Good Day New Mexico.”

Aside from Gibson’s success, the dealership was ultimately left happy as well when they found it difficult to keep their RVs from flying off the lot.