Account Exec Closes $81,600 Campaign with AdMall Sales Tools

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Rookie sales rep with no media sales experience

Tisha Vigliaturo, an account executive for Viamedia-​Kansas City, was not only new to using AdMall, she was also completely new to media sales. So it was a bold move when, having only been on the job a couple months, she decided to approach a local Kansas City attorney about just that.

The advertising company previously contracted by the law office just wasn’t cutting it. Seeing an opportunity and wanting to show her value, Vigliaturo was on a mission to provide the best information available about the firm’s digital presence to the 12-​year courtroom veteran.

Most contentious was the fact that the other media companies simply weren’t listening to their client. Vigliaturo explained: “They were not doing any form of re-​targeting, geo-​targeting, geo-​fencing, which made [the lawyer’s] digital plan inefficient and ineffective. You cannot just do SEM Google paid ads without re-​targeting. It is simply a waste of money and marketing efforts.”

Solution: Use the Digital Audit and Consumer Spending Report to win over the client

To counteract what was clearly a losing proposition for the client, Vigliaturo took action by creating a detailed 12-​month campaign that included driving awareness, site re-​targeting, contextual re-​targeting, geo-​targeting, geo-​fencing and more.

I am doing a display mix with six different size banner ads,” said Vigliaturo. “I also came up with the creative content for his ads (I specified what I want the ads to say).”

Additionally, Vigliaturo used all the tools available to her in AdMall to eventually help close the sale. “I pulled a consumer spending report and map,” she said. “He absolutely loved the information I showed him. I probably wouldn’t have acquired this account without [the] Digital Audit Report. He is investing $6,800 monthly on his digital campaign with me.”

Result: A pleased client and valuable experience for the account exec

Vigliaturo’s story is an example of how AdMall can help anyone in the field, not just seasoned salespeople. With Vigliaturo’s motivation and willingness to learn a new tool, she was able to add another secret weapon to her arsenal, in addition to closing a big sale.

I would like to thank AdMall for having the tools to help me pull information, not only to show clients, but to assist me in creating the best advertising campaign possible.”