Account Executive Goes 3 for 3 Selling Advertising to Personal Injury Attorney Thanks to AudienceSCAN

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: New personal injury attorney business in the area trying to make their mark

As a 10-​year sales vet, account executive Kim Boggs had her routine down pat. It wasn’t until a year ago that she was introduced to AdMall at her new role at Sinclair Broadcasting. That led her to success when she was selling advertising to a personal injury attorney who was looking to make a name in the market.

The business owner has previously specialized mostly in family law, but is expanding her practice to include personal injury law,” said Boggs. “She is new to advertising as she previously has not done any but was eager to get her expansion into personal injury attorney advertising. The main challenge in our market is it is saturated with personal injury attorneys.” 

Solution: Use AdMall’s AudienceSCAN for Selling Advertising to Personal Injury Attorney

Seeing that Boggs was new to AdMall, she needed a little guidance to get rolling with the tool.

It took me [two or three] months of using AdMall and playing around with the different options available to get comfortable,” said Boggs. “I have gone to several of the webinars, including AdMall 101 and Digital Audit 101 and 102. I also went to the year-​end leveraging AdMall webinar.”

From there, Boggs was off and running with AdMall’s robust multi-​media selling platform and was able to come up with a pitch using the AudienceSCAN report.

I always use AdMall to gather research on the type of marketing solutions that would work best for each type of client. For this client, I used the AudienceSCAN Report and determined that broadcast television, social media, and streaming TV would generate results for my personal injury attorney prospect. I used the AudienceSCAN reports focusing on ‘Legal Service Clients,’ to show her what this group has responded to over the past 12 months. This was also helpful as she has not advertised before and showing her why I recommended a particular solution was very helpful to her.” 

After presenting the research I found on AudienceSCAN, I was able to recommend those three solutions, broadcast television, Facebook, and streaming TV.”

At that point, Boggs had found success when selling advertising to personal injury attorneys.

Result: A new client looking to stick around

[Since] the personal injury attorney client was very new to advertising her practice and appreciated the fact that I had research to back up my choice of solutions, she committed to all three [advertising solutions] for a three-​month contract, with plans to extend based on her results,” said Boggs.

The final sale amounted to $12,375. Boggs also had recommendations for any sales rep new to AdMall, like she was a year ago. And this advice applies to any rep who is selling advertising to personal injury attorneys or other clients.

I would recommend AdMall because the research on [local accounts such as the Digital Audit reports and AudienceSCAN reports are very helpful] when doing proposals to help sell new clients,” said Boggs. “In addition, the co-​op section is also a great way to prospect new clients.”

Selling advertising to personal injury attorneys is made easy with AdMall.

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