Account Executive Homes in on Purchase Intent en Route to Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Low inventory, high demand in local market

In a game of chess, true skill lies in the ability to look several steps ahead. The same holds true for advertising. Research data for previous and current selling periods is of limited value, whereas the best deals are made using foreknowledge. This is something John Canfield, an account executive for the Olympian, took to heart when he called upon a struggling property management service company.

According to Canfield, the owner was, “kind, personable and involved in the community,” and had been in business for more than 20 years. The problem for the company was not name recognition or lack of experience, rather, the issue was an inventory shortage.

Solution: Be proactive, not reactive

Rather than using historical data to estimate where the owner’s target demographic would likely go next, he instead used the purchase intent segment of the AudienceSCAN profile to more intelligently predict where this demographic would be more likely to spend money in the coming year.

My favorite part is comparing audience segments and seeing how they differ in terms of engagement, media consumption and likelihood to act,” said Canfield. “I recommended doing digital targeted display ads targeting property owners who are currently managing or looking to sell, property investors and people in a transitional phase.”

Result: New campaign equates to new online traffic

As a result of Canfield’s presentation, the owner opted to sign a six-​month contract for nearly $8,000 that consisted of targeted display ads, SEM and social media management services. Since then, sales have noticeably picked up.

My client is very pleased with the results of the campaign,” said Canfield. “He has been contacted by many property owners since the campaign began and, with the data, we have shown our targeted digital display is driving traffic.”