Addressable Television Advertising to Deliver Bonanza Results for Marketers

BY Rachel Cagle
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Have you heard about the TV ad that’s taking the advertising world by storm? Let’s talk addressable television advertising.

Addressable Television Advertising to Deliver Bonanza Results for Marketers

What are Addressable Television Ads?

According to Google, addressable television advertising is, 

The ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-​scale traditional TV ad buys to focus on relevance and impact.

In short: addressable television allows your client to get their ads to consumers who the ads are more likely to resonate with. Not only that, Google says that addressable television offers enhanced attribution and measurement. So, you and your client will have access to data that will give you a better understanding of how the ads are performing (e.g., engagement, brand lift and conversions).

A Proven Opportunity

Now, your client may be thinking, “TV advertising’s effectiveness has been slowly declining for years. Why should I care about this type of TV ad?” The answer is: Not only are addressable TV ads a beloved method by those who use them, they’re also fairly under-​utilized at the moment, giving your client multiple opportunities to rise above the competition.

A method as effective as addressable television advertising isn’t going to be under-​utilized for long. According to a report by Go Addressable, 50% of advertisers plan to start using addressable television in 2024. That leaves another 50% who aren’t, so there’s still time to get ahead of your client’s competition in this field.

And these ads are working well so far. How can we tell? Go Addressable’s research shows that:

  • 40% of advertisers who took advantage of addressable TV ads in 2023 plan on increasing their ad spending on these ads in 2024
  • 90% are both satisfied with and confident in these ads
  • 59% say measurement has improved over the past year
  • 54% say scale has also improved since 2023
  • 53% say that this ad medium as a whole is improving year over year
  • 49% say that overall options and opportunities within addressable TV ads are improving
  • 48% say that the process of buying these ads is becoming easier by the year
  • 38% say that the cost to implement these ads is improving steadily

Those stats have been steadily increasing since 2021.

Creating Super Effective Addressable Television Ads

The primary appeal of addressable television advertising is that your client can get their ads in front of more specific audiences. That ability comes with increased responsibility, though. If you and your client know who will be watching their ads, your client needs to make sure that those ads are as personalized as possible.

On top of the audience data you and your client have hopefully been collecting over the years, you can find even more on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel. Simply look up your client’s target audience’s profile to discover:

  • Demographic Information: e.g., gender, age, average household income, occupation, etc.
  • Purchases they plan to make/​what they plan to spend money on in 2024
  • How they want those purchases to make them feel
  • Hobbies and personal interests
  • How much TV they watch on an average daily basis and how they’re watching
  • Their favorite types of TV programming
  • What percentage of this audience has taken action after seeing a TV ad within the last year
  • So much more

96% of marketers say that data-​driven personalization has helped them achieve their goals. Consumer data and a hyper-​personalized ad media type like addressable television advertising are a perfect fit to help your client meet their goals in 2024.

Photo by: Glenn Carstens-Peters