AdMall Co-​op Intelligence Report Leads to 900% Sales Increase

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Bring the farm life into the 21st century

Krista Hysell was a brand-​new account executive at APG of Ohio, LLC, when she first encountered AdMall and its Co-​op Intelligence reports.

AdMall was introduced to me as part of my training on my second day,” said Hysell. “I played around with it and now use it regularly.”

One of the first accounts Hysell took on was a local agricultural company who had only once before placed a $500 ad with her company.

The owner [was not] very tech savvy,” said Hysell. “He’s very good at what he does and can tell you everything about agricultural equipment, but doesn’t know the first thing about advertising.”

Solution: Show them the money

Hysell might have been new to AdMall, but immediately saw the value in the Co-​op Intelligence report.

I love the Co-​op features,” said Hysell. “I used AdMall to find [brands with 50% co-​op ad funding reimbursement rates] for my client. There have been so many times when an advertiser didn’t even know they could have part of their advertising reimbursed and were willing to buy more, or double their ad space after I let them know.” 

Result: First sale and solid ROI

It took some convincing, but the combination of persistence and AdMall co-​op intelligence helped convince the client to agree to Hysell’s pitch.

I sold them big, bold print ads featuring their equipment,” said Hysell. “Our paper is subscription-​based, so I knew his ads would cover the whole county and homeowners. I wanted to run ads that made people say, ‘Oh! Look at that! I need that! Where do I get it?’”

She added, “They ran two back-​to-​back campaigns of around $2,500 per campaign. [The owner] said he’s definitely seen more calls and visits to the shop since running the ads at least once a week. I knew this sale was great for him because he really only has to sell one mower or tractor to cover the cost of the investment.”