AdMall Co-​op Report Helps Close $15,000 Agricultural Equipment Business Radio Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Break into a new market

Melissa Verhoeve, an Account Executive at Federated Media, had only been selling media for nine months, but already knew AdMall would be a great resource for her when approaching a local agricultural equipment business.

AdMall has helped me so much in my journey so far,” said Verhoeve. “My favorite part is the co-​op information. It has been amazing in helping me find prospects.”

The family-​owned business Verhoeve discovered through AdMall was looking for a change.

My client was wanting to sell more of their residential equipment,” said Verhoeve. “They are known for their combines and farming equipment, but not for their residential [equipment].”

Solution: Create a radio campaign using AdMall

I was able to use the co-​op opportunities that I found on AdMall to use as a valid business reason to call on [my] prospect,” said Verhoeve.

Through AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence Reports, Verhoeve was able to find two different co-​op vendors that she was able to leverage for her agricultural equipment client.

I was able to build them a radio campaign to put their mowers in the spotlight. We ran a contest in order for people to opt in and built them a text club. We also did event marketing for them to be a vendor at our annual listener appreciation concert.”

Result: Agricultural equipment gone residential

According to Verhoeve, “They just started advertising with us, however, we were able to take their text and email club from zero to 139 people so far.”

While there was no digital aspect to the sale, the radio contract alone was worth $15,000.