AdMall Co-​op Report Inspires First-​time Digital Ad Purchase

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Business owner wary to spend on new advertising

In the world of sales, it’s a problem that comes up time and again. Small businesses can be hard to sell on advertising, often because of restrictive budgets, a slow shift to digital platforms, or a combination of the two. Such was the case for Mark Wert when he approached a local home decorating and remodeling store. The multimedia representative for the Daily Item knew that the storeowner was hesitant to fund any new advertising, so Wert turned to AdMall’s assistance to help plead his case.

The business owner is very critical of how they use their funds for advertising. They like to use Co-​op for advertising when they can,” said Wert. “I researched their Co-​op for [a nationally known window treatment company] and found out that they can only use it to do digital advertising.”

Solution: Present irrefutable data to placate the frugal client

With this knowledge, Wert planned his pitch.

A lot of advertisers have no clue that they can get Co-​op to pay for their advertising,” said Wert. “So, I took the information that I was able to gather from AdMall and presented a plan to use the Co-op.”

Wert said that the ease of AdMall’s Co-​op tools helped him to pinpoint the right kind of research that was needed to formulate a pitch to the potential client.

Result: Break new digital ground with an online campaign

Wert’s pitch was well received and he was able to close the sale.

After some discussion we decided to do a digital tactics campaign using geo-​fencing and behavioral tactics, including site retargeting, contextual targeting, search and others,” said Wert.

The store has already reported receiving an increased number of inquiries about the window treatment brand. In addition, customers to the store have cited the digital advertising for their reason for coming to the store to shop.

*Pull quote: “My favorite part of AdMall is the ease of finding great selling tools that are specific to my advertisers, especially the Co-​op abilities. A lot of advertisers have no clue that they can get Co-​op to pay for their advertising.”