AdMall Data Convinces Owner of 30-​Year Carpet Business to Advertise for First Time

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: A change in leadership and direction

Danielle McNeely, a multi-​media specialist with the Statesville Record & Landmark, has been using AdMall since August of 2017, and in less than three years, she has been a Sell Smarter Award winner five times. She knew by having AdMall’s suite of sales tools at her disposal when approaching a local carpet and upholstery cleaner, she was going to close the deal.

[The store] has been in business over 30 years, but has never advertised,” said McNeely. “[The owner] just inherited the carpet business from his step-​father. He is young and is eager to get the business into the digital ad space. The business has always done well, but [the owner] would like to expand their current services and attract new clientele.”

Solution: Campaign based on digital audit results

It was definitely the Digital Audit [that I used to close the sale],” said McNeely. “I was able to show [the owner] so many missed opportunities with just their listings not being serviced.”

The campaign solution that McNeely came up with for the carpet and upholstery cleaner included listing services, reputation management services, review requests and search engine marketing.

This campaign is currently all digital,” said McNeely. “We are looking at adding a print component [in 2020] to attract a slightly older clientele.”

Result: New carpet cleaning customers

The younger, Digital-​focused owner was immediately impressed with McNeely’s research and confidence. For the first time in its 30-​year history, the business advertised. According to McNeely, the first month of reporting looked solid, with an increase of set appointments that have proven her efforts worked.

The current digital campaign closed for $600 a month. The annual contract is worth $7,200, and that doesn’t include the print component.