AdMall Data Helps Rep Sell $23,000 Digital Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Entering an unfamiliar digital world

A family-​owned glass company in Olympia, Washington, felt it was time to pass along the torch. But after more than 50 years in business, it was time for an image revamp as well.

Reaching out to them during this transitional time was Account Executive from The Olympian, John Canfield.

The original owners have retired, and their son is taking their business into the second generation,” said Canfield. “The owners have been marketing for many years and are transitioning out of traditional print, including Yellow Pages, and into full-​digital campaigns.”

With new blood at the helm, it seemed the perfect time to shift focus deeper into online advertising. But it wasn’t going to be easy. 

Getting new leads with the increased competition via online retailers and nationals [was a challenge for them],” said Canfield. “They did not have a strong web presence and wanted to improve that through our digital marketing plan.”

Solution: AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report and AudienceSCAN Profiles

Having closed a $100,000 sale earlier this year, Canfield was no stranger to the power of AdMall.

[The] Local Account Intelligence was a great tool for helping the client understand industry trends for products, ways in which consumers find information digitally and behaviors of their market to inform their creative direction,” said Canfield.

We redid all their creative assets to focus on the people interacting with glass products in the background to better resonate with the target market. AudienceSCAN data was also very useful in helping the client better understand demographic information in terms of age, income, etc. for their different focuses in marketing.”

Result: Closing the generation gap with a big get

The client ended up agreeing to a 12-​month digital campaign worth $23,000. The campaign included programmatic display, programmatic video, and search engine marketing. Canfield was quick to credit AdMall as the key to closing the sale.

Seeing demographic information about how different audiences purchase goods, what lifestyles they lead is very helpful for creative direction and for focusing on specific products to reach a specific audience. Overall, AdMall helped me better inform the client about their audience and [was] integral in closing the sale,” said Canfield.