AdMall Data HVAC Dealer to Advertise for First Time

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Increase affluent consumer base

An HVAC distributor in Oak Island, NC had made quite a legacy for itself for over the past 35 years. The family-​owned business had only undergone one change in leadership when the owner’s grandson took over ten years ago. Yet in all that time, aside from running a float in the local Christmas parade, they had never once bought advertising. That all changed when the current owner was approached by WECT-​TV Account Executive Nancy Nix.

They wanted to increase their customer base in the communities within Brunswick County, particularly households within more affluent neighborhoods,” said Nix. “Oak Island, and Brunswick County in its entirety, is a popular golf and retirement destination.” 

Solution: AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence Reports

I mostly used the co-​op portion of AdMall to sell them,” said Nix. “The Co-​op 101 webinar was very helpful.”

Nix’s ability to find additional co-​op funding for broadcast TV and digital advertising efforts helped to earn the owner’s trust. The insights she gained from AdMall’s co-​op intelligence and AudienceSCAN reports allowed Nix to customize a targeted campaign built to reach the best potential customers.

The package that we pitched him was primarily digital products. Outside of the four-​second sponsored local broadcast IDs that we ran each hour during NBC’s live coverage of the PGA Tour and paid two-​minute interview segments, called Business Breaks, which aired twice per month, his campaign consisted of the following digital elements: video ads and companion banners on the NBC sports livestream platform; video ads on WECT’s website, mobile news, weather, and OTT apps; targeted display banners (including geo-​fencing and site retargeting); and weather-​triggered banners via The Weather Channel’s digital platforms.”

Result: A $12,000 Sale

The owner was blown away by Nix’s wealth of knowledge and preparedness and ended up purchasing a four-​month contract for $12,190. According to Nix, he has already seen an increase in traffic to his website as well as calls to schedule appointments.