AdMall Helps AE Close $30,000 Deal with Local Optometrist Digital Advertising Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Expanding Their Optometrist Digital Advertising Efforts in the Area

Jacob Flaten, an account executive from Sparklight Advertising, is no stranger to a Sell Smarter Award! Having now won ten of them, his sales acumen came in handy when approaching a current client who wanted to create an optometrist digital advertising campaign.

The business is a [local optometrist], and they make custom eyeglasses frames,” said Flaten. “The owners are very friendly, and very forward thinking, and want to embrace new technologies in all walks of life.”

[Their challenge is] rebranding and expanding their reach in the area. They took over the office from a previous owner and wanted to reestablish themselves as the premier eye doctor in the area.”

Solution: Use a Variety of AdMall Sales Tools

Seeing as Flaten has closed multiple sales using AdMall in the past, he knew that a wide range of research from across the platform could create a new, well-​rounded optometrist digital advertising campaign for his client.

I used a combination of the information on the local account report, the demographic data report for my market, the AudienceSCAN report for “potential eye doctor switchers,” as well as information provided from the digital audit,” said Flaten.

Result: A Move from a Semi-​annual, to Annual Client

The great thing about AdMall is that it’s not just for reeling in new clients. It can also help current ones grow, as Flaten can attest to.

The optometrist client was so impressed with the campaign Flaten presented to them, that they moved from a semi-​annual contract to a full, 12-​month contract worth $30,000.

We are doing mix of streaming OTT, video display with geo-​fencing, digital audio, YouTube advertising, and some linear cable TV to reach potential patients from every generation,” said Flaten.

Flaten states that the optometrist digital advertising campaign has attracted new clients, increased their market share, generated more leads, and increased web traffic.

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More About: Optical Stores/​Optometrists

Optometrists have full college degrees and four years of professional training, but they do not possess medical degrees. They are trained to screen for, diagnose and treat vision conditions.  Opticians have two years of post-​high school training during which they learn how to apply vision products to diagnosed eye conditions. Opticians order, design, sell and repair eyeglasses and other vision-​related products. Ophthalmologists are doctors with full medical or osteopathic degrees. These professionals can perform surgery.

Often, opticians work in optometrist offices. Overall demand for opticians is projected to be equal to economic growth. Although the population is aging and that generally correlates to a need for more eyewear, consumers are increasingly turning to eye surgery as one way to avoid buying glasses. In addition, consumers can also postpone buying glasses or, if they only require reading glasses, they may choose to purchase inexpensive glasses at pharmacies or drug stores. However, the outlook for optometrists is for faster than average growth because aging consumers must visit an eye care professional to have conditions diagnosed.

The optical retail industry was worth $76.5 billion in 2022. There are over 48,000 physical optical retail locations.

Eyeglasses and contact lens stores number nearly 11,800 and report revenue of $23.1 billion.