AdMall Impresses Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer En Route to $43,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Competing with bigger outdoor power equipment dealers in the area

There’s a fine line between comfortability and complacency. A local outdoor power equipment dealer in New Jersey was well aware of this fact when they approached Rachael Darin, a client solutions manager with Gannett/​LocaliQ, about their current print advertising campaign.

The owners are very attuned with media and are good partners and were apprehensive to get into digital, but were realizing that is where they need to be,” said Darin. “They didn't have a lot of market share, but that isn't surprising considering they did minimal advertising. They were looking at proposals from us and a few other competitors in the area for Q4 2019 and then build an annual for 2020.”

Solution: Turn to data their competitors didn’t have

Darin has been using AdMall for five years and knew using the AudienceSCAN profiles was going to be what separated her from her competitors with the outdoor power equipment dealer.

I like how easy it is to use the interface,” said Darin. “It's like Google. I used AudienceSCAN data, specifically the lifestyle and purchase intent sections, along with demographics.” 

The client was really impressed by our usage of identifying his audience through AdMall, showing their media consumption and high-​level stats. The competition had not done this, and the client really appreciated us going the extra mile. We were able to position ourselves as the experts with this information, whereas our competition just product pushed.”

Result: A new digital direction

As Darin mentioned, the outdoor power equipment dealer was impressed with the amount of data she presented.

They were really impressed with our ability to market to their target audience,” said Darin.

The client agreed to upgrade their print campaign to one that also included digital components such as social media, targeted display, video and branded content. The total value of the deal was $43,000.