AdMall Intel Leads to $66,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Lack of focus and late-​night advertising

Beth Dock, an account executive for Comcast Spotlight, is no stranger to success. With AdMall’s help, she closed a sale with a car dealership earlier this year that was worth nearly $50,000. Hoping to go for a double feature, Dock next went knocking on the door of a local dental company specializing in dentures and implants.

I set up a walk-​in survey appointment and I created a proposal while I sat with them,” said Dock.

During the meeting, Dock learned that the business had invested in broadcast TV spots, but that were airing at 2a.m.! In other words, the ads weren’t reaching primetime viewers.

Solution: Redirect the ad campaign 

Turning once more to AdMall, Dock developed a pitch in which she explained exactly whom the ads should be targeting, and when. The proposal comprised a multiscreen campaign, focusing most importantly on a better time of day to air the TV spots.

She loved what I had to offer,” said Dock. “The demographics, the new ideas for dental that we talked about and the co-​op that might be free for them to use really helped to impress the practice.”

Result: A huge ad sale

From start to finish, the pitch to the callback took only three hours. According to Dock, AdMall can be credited for that quick turnaround.

[AdMall] is fast and easy to use and certainly a go-​to for valid business reasons when educating the client on how we can help them reach their goals,” said Dock.

The thing that makes AdMall stand apart is not only the exclusive content it provides, but the time in which it can help deliver results. In less time than it takes to watch “Gone With the Wind” or “Titanic,” sales can be made, and careers can be defined. Just ask Dock.