AdMall Minute Leads to Timely Sales Pitch

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Local business struggles to expand

Timing is everything. Sarah May, a marketing strategist for Smart​.Market, recently experienced this firsthand. Earlier this year, while reading an “AdMall Minute” email, May took note of a consumer trend story about working with limousine companies during prom season.

Unbeknownst to May, a local area business had simultaneously been struggling to build up its limousine sales division. The multifaceted company dealt in construction, but was also a retailer of used cars and vintage limousines. The problem they faced was not knowing how to effectively advertise their limousines because of a restricted budget, along with a lack of knowledge of their target audience.

Solution: Use this golden opportunity and hone in on a target demographic

May effectively used all the AdMall tools at her disposal to come up with a plan. The first step had been keeping up on the AdMall Minute emails and using them as a jumping off point. Once her moment of kismet came after approaching the local company, May then researched AudienceSCAN data on households with incomes of $50,000 or more and children of high school age. Finally, she took all of that information and came up with a marketing plan tailored to high school parents.

It’s no surprise that the client found the plan to be brilliant. May ended up selling a print ad that ran in their variable shared mail piece and went out to more than 2,400 households during prom season.

Result: The right timing and the right tools helped to close a deal

May’s story resonates because of the ideal timing with how everything fell into place. However, no amount of fate matters without hard work, insight and the proper tools for the job. By using AdMall, May found the confidence and motivation she needed to implement a successful deal from start to finish.