AdMall Presentation Tool Helps Close nearly $17,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Barking up the wrong tree for customers

Sometimes closing a sale means having to channel your inner animal. Such was the case for Brittany Lucent, a multimedia consultant from the Gainesville Sun, when she first reached out to a local veterinarian office. The Florida-​based vet had been treating pets for more than 30 years, but felt it was time to expand and also reach out to different pet owners.

[The owner] is very kind and ambitious,” said Lucent. “But [was] attracting the wrong type of clients who were not paying their bills.”

Solution: Advertise to a different demographic

According to Lucent, the timing was perfect. “From a cold call I was able to show the value of our print and digital services utilizing the presentation feature from AdMall.” 

Lucent has been using AdMall for only about two years, but says that the Digital Audit, AdMall Minute and Presentation tools are what helped her “seal the deal.”

The vet was so impressed with the initial pitch that she signed on for a 12-​month campaign with Lucent, consisting of social media advertising, along with digital and print.

Result: Another closed sale with the assistance of AdMall

Lucent is credited with closing the $16,788 sale using her salesperson know-​how, but AdMall produced enough reputable data to position her as an expert in the field. AdMall makes a great sidekick in situations where facts matter, giving reps the credibility needed to score a win.