AdMall Tool Helps Rep Score Wine and Liquor Store Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: How to stand out among local wine and liquor competitors

Stephen Bradley, Sales Director of The Ottawa Herald, loves selling digital to his clients. He calls it his “bread and butter.” So, when he approached a local wine and liquor store, he needed to do some digging to see if they were right for his style of sales.

They specialize in wine selections, wine tastings and special ordering of adult beverages,” said Bradley. “[The owner] is a second-​generation owner taking over the business that his grandparents started. They have heavy competition from two other in-​town stores and three other county stores. All are within 15 miles of their location, but theirs is the largest and most diverse selection.” 

Learning this, Bradley knew he could help them get the word out.

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s digital sales tools

Since the beginning [in December 2018], I’ve loved the digital audit,” said Bradley. “Since my coming here, the paper is 141% over last year’s goal in digital. AdMall helps me speak intelligently to my clients to get in the door and our products do the rest.” 

Bradley used a few different AdMall sales tools to get ready for his pitch. First, he used the Get Smart Fast tool to access the Local Account Intelligence Report for wine and liquor stores. Next, the digital audit and competitive analysis gave him the details he needed to understand the advertising being done in the local market. Finally, he compiled the results with a sales presentation.

I combined them into a presentation that was within 10% +/​- of his actual sales for all months except two,” said Bradley.

Bradley’s use of AdMall’s data paid off.

It was an eye-​opener to him and me,” said Bradley. “I have sold them a new website and a new logo, digital ads in the paper, a co-​sponsorship of our local sports awards, several special section ads and a lead sponsorship in our college hoops.”

Result: An annual contract and a satisfied client

According to Bradley, the client “loved the click through report he got from the college hoops with our digital ads. He also stated that he needs a website because he is expanding and using the information I gave him from AdMall. It let him know where he stood.” 

The final contract amount was $5,628: triple the wine and liquor store’s normal annual spend.