AdMall Vet Closes $34,000 Sale with Property Management Company

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: High rental demand, low rental inventory

To say that John Canfield, an account executive with The Olympian, has been on a winning streak lately would be an understatement. Since Q2 of 2019, Canfield has closed over $270,000 in sales using AdMall. So, when he had to approach a local property management company, a current client of his, he knew he could assist them with their recent struggles.

They are facing the challenge of extremely high rental demand paired with extremely low rental inventory,” said Canfield. “For this reason, we looked at doing a B2B campaign targeting investment property owners, self-​managers and transitional property owners to increase their rental inventory and ensure they have properties to offer local renters.”

Solution: Find property management demographic data

Canfield obviously knew he could leverage AdMall’s vast array of sales tools. The Local Account Intelligence Report, the AudienceSCAN data and the Digital Audit were all a part of this sale, but it was a specific piece of data that really broke through to this client.

My favorite part [of AdMall] are the demographic insights offered per audience and industry,” said Canfield. “Clients are absolutely delighted to know that info.”

For the campaign itself, Canfield and the property management company felt that a 100% digital campaign was the way to go.

We are utilizing programmatic display, programmatic video, SEM with call tracking and premium social media management services,” said Canfield.

Result: A renewed 12-​month campaign 

Canfield was not only able to convince his property management client to go with a 100% digital campaign, but to increase their ad spend as well.

Since beginning our marketing in Spring 2018 for $1,215 a month, the client has seen extremely strong response that surpasses all past marketing efforts,” said Canfield. “They have been getting portfolios of properties that sometimes contain as many as 50 rentals in one contract. For this reason, we increased the budget to $1,750 a month in 2019 and now to $2,900 a month in 2020. This budget increase will increase their SEM dominance and ensure they are actively reaching all property owner leads in the area programmatically.”

The new 12-​month agreement totaled $34,800.