AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Credited for Closing Credit Union’s Digital Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Bringing in new clients

Lindsay Tomidy, sales and marketing consultant for WROC, started using AdMall five years into her sales career. She loves AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profiles, co-​op reports and Digital Audit, and knew they would come in handy when coming across a credit union in her area she thought could use her help.

My first success with AdMall came when a local credit union was reluctant to meet with me,” said Tomidy. “They had worked with us in the past on TV, but they thought it wasn’t for them. [This time] we had our discussions with the marketing staff before they presented to the board of directors and CEO. The board tends to be more conservative and dated on their marketing tactics, so research is incredibly important for them to ‘plead their case’ to the board.”

Their main challenges come from bringing in new clients for general banking over businesses. This can include mortgages, loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, etc.”

Solution: Take advantage of AdMall’s vast array of sales tools

After explaining [to the credit union] that we had more to offer than TV, and using a Digital Audit to show them that they could benefit from a digital conversation, there was no argument about the tactics we recommended,” said Tomidy. “We also utilized the AudienceSCAN reports to put their minds at ease that their clientele will respond. The AudienceSCAN report [was crucial] as guidance for the best way to find those looking to switch banks.” 

The credit union was convinced this time.

Their original investment was Facebook ads, YouTube TrueView and audience targeted display,” said Tomidy. “When they renewed, [it was] with Facebook ads, YouTube TrueView and display on our website.”

Result: A six-​month contract for $18,000 and positive ROI for the credit union

We were able to close a contract with [the credit union] for $9,000 for three months of digital,” said Tomidy. “They just renewed for another $9,000, bringing the total to $18,000.”

The client was so successful with their first campaign on being first time homebuyers, that they ended up switching creative mid campaign to mortgages. Their grant funds ran out faster than expected.”

They've been very happy, and in Q4 2020 [the credit union ran] a contest with us including TV dollars, where I also used AdMall AudienceSCAN report to show them this is a great idea for a great return.”

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