AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence Stitches Up a Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Gaining exposure after relocating

A local mom-​and-​pop sewing machine sales and instruction shop was struggling to gain a foothold in the local community after moving 45 minutes away from its previous location. So, when Tara Lopez, an Account Executive from Comcast Spotlight, came calling, it was at just the right time.

The biggest challenge they were facing was getting the word out, who they were and where they are located,” said Lopez. “They are eager to greet customers with warm smiles and personalized service.”

They began this business in 2011 when the owner purchased four sewing machines and started to teach people how to sew. The interest for sewing grew immensely and that is when they decided to open a business in 2014. Shortly after, in 2017, they moved because [they needed] more space for the classes they offer monthly.”

Solution: Leverage AdMall’s research data

Lopez was quick to turn to AdMall, specifically the co-​op Intelligence database, to see what she could find.

After setting a meeting with this client, I learned more about the business and their marketing needs,” said Lopez. “I used the co-​op info, I pulled the limited-​time opportunity data on their product and I also used the Local Account Intelligence Report on Fabric, Sewing, Craft Stores. It helped me know more about their business, their customers, gave me awareness of great tie-in’s during the year to incorporate and even gave me the value of a customer.” 

I also found out who their vendors were and did some research after the meeting to discover that they offer co-​op. I set a follow-​up meeting with the business and explained what the co-​op could potentially cover. They looked into it and were thrilled to hear that their vendor could help pay for some of their TV advertising.”

Result: Increased awareness and a “very pleased” new client

Lopez concluded: “After a couple more meetings, the client was ready to move forward and produce a commercial. They bought TV ads and I am working closely with them on their Google analytics and tracking new users and engagement on their website.”

In the end, the client signed a six-​month contract worth $7,500. With positive results already coming in, she expects them to sign on for at least six more months when the current contract ends.