AdMall’s Co-​op Report Helps Close $150,000 HVAC Ad Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Leveling the playing field with multiple HVAC dealers in the market

Kara Felton, account executive for Spectrum Reach, had been selling media for only two years when the COVID-​19 pandemic hit. Like other sales reps, her strategies immediately shifted and that was no more evident than when she approached a local HVAC dealer.

This is one of my favorite clients I have had the privilege to work with,” said Felton. “They are co-​owners of a HVAC company and they service a big area of Austin, Texas. They specialize in air quality and this has been a big focus for them due to COVID-​19 this year. The owners are the most genuine people I have worked with. They treat me as an equal when it comes to marketing decisions, they take my advice and really trust me to help them during these hard times and know I have their best interest at heart. I love working with them and love getting to add value to their business every day.”

[The HVAC dealer] is a small company and has lots of competitors being in this industry. When COVID-​19 hit, we sat down and changed our messaging and what we were going to advertise to help ease everyone on their HVAC crew members coming into the homes. They also were not growing year over year.”

Solution: AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence Report

One of the many benefits to AdMall’s co-​op reports is the ability to show potential clients how they can save money on their ads and compete with the bigger competitors in their market. Felton, as new as she may be in her role, knew that AdMall would be an invaluable resource.

AdMall helped by giving them a direction on what co-​op [the HVAC dealer] should use and what that process looked like,” said Felton. “It showed them what a good marketing spend looks like to compete in the market they are in.”

Felton sold them cable TV, streaming TV (OTT), digital display and online video ads.

Result: Increased sales during the COVID-​19 pandemic

Felton’s total sale was for an astounding $150,000 and the HVAC dealer couldn’t be happier with the results.

I have increased their sales and given them their best year even during everything going on in the world,” said Felton. “When they first started, they had the best months they have ever had. They are now looking into growing into a HVAC and plumbing company due to the increase in revenue.”

I have been using AdMall for a little over a year and my favorite part is all the information I get from this website. It will keep me informed on what is going on in the market, how I can save companies money and it will give me a list of company contacts in my market. It really has been a great recourse in helping me build my client list. This was such a big win for me was because I’m in an all new role with my company.”

They hired me as a test run to see if I would be successful and because of AdMall, I have met my budget during COIVD-​19 and helped keep myself informed on what is going on in the marketplace. If I didn't have the tools that AdMall gives me, I wouldn't had been as successful in landing this new business.”