AdMall’s Co-​op Source Report Leads to $22,000 Powersports Ad Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Keeping up, financially, with other powersports ad campaigns in the market

Vanessa Taylor, a senior multimedia sales executive for Gannett, is a veteran of media sales, having been in the field for over 20 years now. Taylor knows some of the tricks of the trade, such as pursuing co-​op dollars as a way for smaller companies to be able to afford bigger marketing campaigns. Such was the case for a powersports ad campaign she was pitching to a local Tennessee company.

I worked with a Polaris dealership to create an online, lead-​gen promotion for the giveaway of a new 2023 Polaris [model in an] online promotion,” said Taylor.

Taylor said the company was facing “inventory challenges that have come along with the pandemic, shipping, etc.”

Solution: Leverage AdMall’s co-​op reports

Taylor knew that the best way to help a smaller company pay for a large powersports ad campaign was to turn to AdMall’s Co-​op Source Reports.

[The] promotion used digital display ads, YouTube TrueView ads, email blasts, social ads, Paramount ads, and mobile/​addressable geo-​fencing ads,” said Taylor.

I worked with the dealer's Polaris district rep and a channel marketing rep from Polaris to secure 90% co-​op, [minimizing the total out-​of-​pocket cost for the online ads.] Where [Polaris] normally would pay 50%, I got them to make an exception for a trial and proof of concept and got them to agree to pay 90% on all the digital marketing for the promotion.”

Result: A great ROI for the powersports ad campaign

Taylor won the powersports ad campaign, which totaled $21,875, with the advertiser only having to pay around $2,200.

Taylor said that the campaign was a success all around: It increased their sales revenue, attracted new clients, increased market share, generated more leads, and increased website traffic.

They were very impressed with the amount of sales and marketing leads that they received from the promotion [and] said they would like to do more in the future with bigger prizes,” said Taylor. “They definitely increased website traffic, increased likes on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.”

AdMall's intelligence system is used by thousands of U.S. media properties, from cable companies and newspapers to local TV, billboard, and cinema companies. It also includes manufacturer co-​op funding information. Through the shared-​cost advertising vehicle of co-​op funding, media sales reps encourage local dealers to create ad campaigns featuring vendor products, especially when there are limited-​time promotions and new product introductions.

We maintain a database of detailed co-​op funding/​market development programs for over 10,000 brands. There is no cost for vendors to have their co-​op advertising program details listed in the AdMall intelligence system. When vendors share their co-​op plan with AdMall, their local dealers can have the kind of success experienced by this beauty salon and this window treatment retailer.

More About: Powersports Retailers

Powersports retailers serve the recreational needs of the motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, personal watercraft, and snowmobile enthusiasts. In addition to selling new and used vehicles and parts, these retailers may also offer service.

Other than the motorcycle, other forms of power sports recreation didn't exist prior to the 1970s. When new forms of transportation such as snowmobiles and personal watercraft were introduced, they were initially sold via specialty retailers. Today, dealers are positioning themselves to sell motorized recreation equipment for all seasons. This strategy permits them to reach for a deeper and broader market in a specific geographic area and to ensure steady business and cash flows throughout the year.

Competition comes from other specialty retailers, as well as the resale market. These retailers may also compete with outdoor power equipment stores.

While dealerships are independently owned and operated entities, manufacturers exhibit great control over these retailers. In return for co-​op advertising, manufacturers may require the managers to buy custom fixtures, display items and signage.