AdMall’s Data Helps Rep Upsell Roofing Company

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Growing Cost-​Per-​Lead Prices

Patrick Blaney, an account executive with Gannett, doesn’t just spend his time hunting for new leads. Sometimes, he’ll go back to the well to see if there are any upsell opportunities available with his current clients.

One existing client, a roofing company, was feeling the strain from rising cost-​per-​lead prices during search campaigns. Keyword costs had increased by over 100%, while the number of leads coming in had decreased. Seeing an opportunity to remedy the situation, Blaney stepped in to see what he could do to reduce the client’s burden.

Solution: Create a market-​specific spending report for roofing audience

Blaney had only been with Gannett for eight months, but even with his relatively limited knowledge of AdMall, he knew immediately the kind of research data that could improve the return on roofing company’s ad spending.

I used AdMall to pinpoint zip codes that had highest concentrations of household income over $100,000 and homes that were older than 15 years, thus, crafting an ideal roofing target audience for print insert ads and email marketing and display ads,” said Blaney.

Result: Additional print and digital ad spend

According to Blaney, the client was eager to sign the new deal, which included print insert ads, addressable mobile geofencing display ads, and email marketing blasts.

[The] client was excited because if the campaign pulls in just one roofing job it already delivers profit and we have potential to hit over 130,000 people,” said Blaney.

The final upsell amount was for an additional $7,200.