AdMall’s Digital Audit Assists In $11,000 Furniture Ad Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Competing with major furniture stores in the digital landscape

When Brittany Smith, of The Statesville Record & Landmark, reached out to a local furniture and flooring business, she thought it would be a normal sales opportunity. Little did she know, the client was in the middle of a digital transition.

This business is unique because they are both a furniture and flooring store,” said Smith. “Previously doing no digital marketing, they now had a new website to build, [along with] SEM, SEO and social campaigns [to create].”

She went on to say, “Family-​owned since 1970, the store has been passed down to the youngest daughter. She is not the cheapest, but her prices are fair. Her products are quality. Her customer service is above and beyond.  She is fair in how she does business, which I think many big retail stores get away from.”

Solution: Use AdMall to show them how to be competitive digitally

Smith is no stranger to AdMall. She’s been using it for over three years now and is a multiple time Sell Smarter! Award winner. Smith knew to leverage multiple reports, like the Digital Audit and the Furniture Stores Local Account Intelligence Report, to get the client to see the benefits of digital advertising.

In this sale, [I used] the Digital Audit, value of a new customer and industry trends,” said Smith. “There are so many resources using AdMall’s Digital Audit, such as keywords being searched relevant to that business.”

Result: A happy client with a new digital campaign

Smith’s pitch included SEM, SEO services and social targeting. The furniture client was impressed and signed up for an annual contract worth $10,296.

According to Smith, “her campaign is very new, but so far she is happy with new customers coming in and saying they found her online.”