AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Helps Rep Sell to Rehabilitation Center

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Increase Donations from Local Community

Nicole Poulos, a sales intern with Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, was on the job for four months when she approached a local rehabilitation center.

The business owners specialize in multiple forms of rehabilitation programs for patients,” said Poulos. “They provide therapy, rehab and other options for individuals to get clean from substance abuse. The owners are very Hands-​on and invested in the long-​term success and sobriety of the individuals within the programs.”

According to Poulos, the most consistent issue for the rehabilitation center was relying on donations in order to further service their campaign of recovery for the individuals within their programs.

Solution: Present AdMall Research on Rehabilitation Centers

Though new to her position, Poulos had been working with AdMall since day one and knew it could assist her in coming up with an advertising plan for help this rehabilitation center increase donations.

My favorite part [of AdMall] is the extensive research and background it gives you on a given industry,” said Poulos. “I used the statistics and research portion of the industry background information [in the Local Account Intelligence Report], as well as the [AudienceSCAN] portion of the last time an individual heard a radio ad that led the target audience to take action to further support the client.”

Result: A new print and radio campaign

By utilizing research and evidence on how radio boosts donor’s contributions, and overall statistics on rehabilitation centers, it led the client to be extremely impressed,” said Poulos. “By providing significant research it showed the client how knowledgeable and aware I was of the industry, which further supported my knowledge on how radio advertising would be a beneficial implementation to their organization.”

They agreed to thirty-​second radio commercials on The Eagle and full page spread in our Inside Columbia Magazine,” said Poulous. “They spent $3,811 for the first month and if it goes well, they will continue to work with us on a six-​month campaign.”