AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report Closes $114,000 Contract with Mental Health Clinic

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Creating brand awareness

When McClatchy account executive John Canfield became aware of a regional mental health clinic that was seeking to raise awareness of its brand and treatment methods, he immediately knew how to help.

Brand awareness and educating the general public on their treatment method were the primary challenges, but were easily addressed and made into opportunities,” said Canfield “Part of our marketing plan included a native article, printed and published/​promoted online, written to educate the community on the benefits of their treatment methods. The performance from the digital native was strong and engaged with both potential patients and providers.”

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s mental health clinic data

Canfield’s experience with AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence and AudienceSCAN reports were going to be his key to closing the sale.

Utilizing AdMall's Local Account Intelligence, I approached the client with information on their industry and was able to discuss different aspects of their clinic,” said Canfield. “I also came prepared with statistics on Americans with mental health conditions, the radius and drive-​time that patients are typically willing to commit to, etc.”

One of the most important and interesting parts of our discussion was seeing the difference in [the AudienceSCAN] interests for psychologist/​counseling patients for different activities; reading, cooking, video games, baking and exploring nature all being more common within this segment. Pairing this with the differences in preference for engaging in different fitness activities, we were able to develop an audience profile for their demographic. Using this profile, we designed a targeted marketing campaign to reach folks who could benefit from treatment.”

We focused primarily on programmatic display, geofencing, and native articles programmatic and owned & operating promotion. Print ads were used sporadically, [but] our complete focus throughout the campaign was digital conversions.“

Result: Increased site traffic and a big sale number

Our marketing drove the majority of their overall site traffic,” said Canfield. “They noticed an increase in inquiries shortly after our campaign began and could correlate increases per clinic location with our reporting's conversion data.”

The annual contract totaled $114,000.