AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report Drives $43,000 Roofing Construction Ad Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Grow the business in a crowded market

Sarah Wiles, a media sales consultant for WMC/​Gray Media, has been selling media for seven years and has been an avid AdMall user for the past four.

My favorite parts [of AdMall] are the co-​op opportunities, the opportunity reports and prospecting by month information,” said Wiles.

Being a veteran of the platform, Wiles knew she could help a small roofing construction client of hers who was looking to expand their advertising reach to stay competitive with similar businesses in the market.

My client wanted to be associated with weather on our station,” said Wiles. “[They] wanted to grow a little faster.”

Solution: Run AdMall Intelligence Report on roofing construction businesses

AdMall emphasizes a consultative selling approach. Wiles understood this and began this process by using the Local Account Intelligence Report to get some baseline research about the industry she was calling on.

The AdMall information helped me prepare for the conversation with the [roofing construction] client,” said Wiles. “The owner is very data driven and watches where every penny goes and monitors return. I used the information to learn much more about roofing construction companies, their peak sales times and who their customers are.”

It also helped me learn about the product categories. This was really helpful during my CNA (customer needs analysis), as I used this information to ask specific questions about the type of products they have and some pros and cons of other product types. I also paired the homeowner information with some general weather information about our area to discuss the enhanced need to be around weather content.”

Being able to see the advertising response information was also helpful as I know the roofing construction client reads a lot of trades. I was able to use this information, paired with information from my research director’s other resources, to provide solid support for a TV campaign to reach mid-​south homeowners. We focused on specific news programs where their target audience is most likely to be watching, along with weather elements on the station’s website.”

Result: Broadcast ad campaign with increased sales margin

We found the perfect sponsorship featuring bus stop weather in the morning newscasts,” said Wiles.

We used AdMall PRO to determine the best demographics for homeowners who may need new roofing. The AdMall information provided talking points that were very helpful with the roofing construction company to understand that this was the correct audience for their message. AdMall is an essential part of our prep for sales calls, articles to share with clients plus elements of daily presentations. We also used the ‘top factors considered’ information to craft the script for the creative messages. This sale was very exciting on many levels and represented a $9K increase over last year.”

The final total spend for this sale was $42,820.