AdMall’s Purchase Intent Data Persuades Remodeling Contractor to Run $25,000 Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Making a name for themselves among other contractors

The hardest part for any business is standing out from the competition. It can be especially difficult when you’ve never spent a large among of money on advertising, due to uncertainty around ROI. Small businesses feel this strain even more due to the fear of not being able to compete with big box retailers. Jeremy Weaver, an account executive for WSIL-​TV, was keenly aware of these factors when he approached a small, home remodeling contractor.

He’s a contractor that did over roofs last year and would like to more additions, renovations, and new home construction. They’re relatively unknown [compared to other contractors in the area] and would like to have more of the best money-​making jobs coming their way,” said Weaver.

Solution: Showcase audiences who are willing to pay for these services

Luckily, Weaver has been in the sales game for eight years and, for six of those years, used AdMall regularly.

I’ve been using AdMall for about six years and I like that I can easily find industry-​specific research for just about any category. It helped to show just how much potential there was [for contractors] if he just got the word out to everyone,” said Weaver.

Weaver turned to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN profiles for people who plan to use contractors and, specifically, showed research pertaining to purchase intent.

I created a slide for my presentation that said that ‘6.3% of US adults plan to pay for home remodeling or a new addition within the next year’ as a direct quote from AdMall,” said Weaver. “This slide combined with others that showed the large volume of households our station reaches and the number of households in each program helped secure a brand-​new advertiser in a category that has seen little activity recently.”

Result: The most money spent on advertising from his client

For Weaver’s potential contractor client, seeing real numbers on how consumers will spend money helped convince them that they needed to finally invest in big time advertising dollars.

I sold them a schedule of thirty-​second TV commercials to run in our morning and evening news times,” said Weaver. “The new client agreed to $2,500 per month to start and fully expects that they can and will increase that as they start receiving leads.”

Weaver credits AdMall with being able to get such a large number out of the client to finally compete with the other contractors in the market.

AdMall helps justify a bigger ask and increases closing percentage,” said Weaver.

AudienceSCAN® is SalesFuel’s proprietary annual study of online shoppers, digital audiences and decision-​makers in America. Now in its 11th year, this in-​depth analysis of over 15,000 U.S. online adult consumers gives you the exclusive insight to better understand what’s in the hearts and minds of your account’s best customers. More than 1,380 customer groups are profiled with details on consumer behavior, digital+technology usage, health+wellness concerns, automotive preferences, leisure interests, dining habits and more. Business development specialists use AudienceSCAN to identify new markets, new opportunities and new channel partners. Marketers can use AudienceSCAN data to reach the people who count (instead of counting the people they reach,) while crafting a message with impact to those who are most likely to buy.

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