AdMall’s Sales Tools Close Over $70,000 for Auto Dealer TV Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Marketing to the right audience

Since the beginning of 2019, Leah Harrelson, an account executive from Spectrum Reach, has closed more than $140,000 in ad sales by using AdMall. So, it was no surprise when we received another Sell Smarter Award submission from Harrelson, this time focused on helping a small auto dealer in her market.

This is a local, family-​owned, one roof top auto dealer,” said Harrelson. “The owners worked with me before, but never spent a lot of money. They are a no-​nonsense bunch. They only put their money where they see data driven results and measurability. They were open to listening, which was a surprise since they had never been on air before.”

During my CNA with the client, I uncovered that they were still not really advertising within their own city. Their focus was mostly within nationwide targeting for people looking for their lines of vehicles. So, I came back with the plan to dominate their local market, gain market share back from their top competitor, and even take the market share in the competitions back yard.”

Solution: Refocus auto dealer’s target marketing

Even before calling the auto dealer, or any general meeting, or reporting session, AdMall helps me have the opportunity to glean some up-​to-​date inside information on any industry,” said Harrelson. “It helps me to realign campaign targeting during their contract and the client really appreciates that I know without them having to tell me.” 

I used a few [of AdMall’s sales tools]. AudienceSCAN for shoppers and owners for their lines of vehicles. This shows placement and value in the tactics of TV marketing, streaming and search. I used market intelligence and consumer spending, specifically to identify top zips for propensity and spending for their backyard and their top competitor. I used the automotive local account intelligence report, which gave me insight on what I could bring up within the conversation. And last, but not least, I used the co-​op research for his lines.” 

Result: Increased customer base during COVID-​19 pandemic

Harrelson sold the auto dealer a TV package that ran from March 2020 to December 2020 for a total of $71,000 and during that time, they saw a noticeable ROI.

The client has shown a measurable difference with new customers, that are local and we are seeing his market share grow and his competitions shrinking,” said Harrelson. “Through this pandemic they have not pulled back, and it is paying off for them.”

Because the auto dealer sale isn’t a one-​off success story for Harrelson, she shared her favorite part of AdMall and where she feels other sales reps could benefit from using it.

Since 2018, I don’t have one favorite feature, as [AdMall] is my one stop shop for any campaign. I really like AudienceSCAN the most because it has everything I need to back up a proposal in a data-​driven, third party format. It [my pitch] becomes, ‘based on my third-​party data from AdMall I have looked into your industry and believe that being in x,y,z placement you will have the best return and engagement.’ It truly makes anyone the subject matter expert within minutes.”