AdMall’s Targeted Local Market Intel Leads to Vaccine Outreach Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Using Federal Funds to Reach Vaccine Hesitaters

Darce Johnson, advertising manager at APG, is a veteran of media sales, having been in the industry for over 30 years. The last six of those years, they’ve used AdMall as a part of their daily routine and knew that the various forms of local intelligence they could pull together would be enough to convince their local health department they should oversee the area’s vaccine outreach advocacy campaign.

The regional health department faces the ongoing challenge of servicing one of the lowest vaccinated areas in the United States,” said Johnson. “Locating and messaging to vaccine hesitaters and underrepresented communities is a significant challenge in Idaho.”

Johnson knew the research power he had with AdMall, powered by SalesFuel, and how it could help them craft a targeted campaign for his community. Therefore, it was a straightforward process for them to acquire the needed data for the vaccine outreach strategy.

Solution: Determine the best campaign route for the multiple audiences

AdMall allowed for a deep dive into multiple variables by zip code. This ability provided us robust sets of data for presenting to the client. The precise variables were then layered by zip code, enabling the client to ultimately achieve maximum efficiency in its spend by determining the exact zip codes with the highest percentages of likely, vaccine-​hesitant residents.”

Likely vaccine-​hesitant residents had previously been identified using AdMall tools. We did this by looking for previously known variables of this target audience using AdMall and then extrapolated from there. For example, starting with an AudienceSCAN for "Rurals" allowed us to dig further and determine what mediums and tactics best target this group [for the vaccine outreach campaign], discover ‘affinities’ and more.”

Ultimately, AdMall’s [AudienceSCAN] research determined our best tactics for reaching the target audience, including programmatic banners, TrueView, and CTV/​OTT,” said Johnson. “This is exactly what the client committed to run.”

Result: Immediate ROI and clearer community vaccine outreach awareness

I used AudienceSCAN as my entry point for this client,” said Johnson. “Later, Market Intelligence, demographics and health care needs, reports dazzled the client. It is impossible for me to choose only one AdMall report as being the most beneficial in earning this business. It's the AdMall reports working together that make AdMall so perfect at helping us win.”

The client spent $7,950 of federal grant dollars on this campaign. There is an excellent opportunity for us to earn more business in the future. Winning our health department's vaccine outreach initiative business would not have been possible without the robust data available through AdMall.”

Sales professionals should turn to AdMall because it provides everything needed to earn a client's trust, respect, and ultimately, their business. From broader, more overview-​type [.pdf files] to impressive looking spreadsheets, to the perfect custom PowerPoint, there's just nothing else available that compares to AdMall.”

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