Adopt These Urgency Sales Techniques to Close Deals Quickly

BY Jessica Helinski
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Want to close sales faster? Then it’s time to improve your urgency sales techniques. Creating a sense of urgency, without being pushy, is an important skill to master in sales.

Why does urgency matter? 

Lately it seems as though more variables keep adding to the delay,” explains an article by Integrity Solutions. “Customers’ buying processes have slowed. Deal complexity has grown." This adds up to lost time and money for sellers.

But sellers can do something. Buyers are more likely to purchase if they feel they are missing out on something. Urgency helps prevent stalling or wasting time on a prospect who will never buy. You’ll have shorter sales cycles, which means even more sales.

Urgency Sales Techniques to Master

There are plenty of ways to create urgency in sales," writes Steli Efti for Close blog. "All but ensuring your prospects pull the trigger and actually purchase your products or services,” 

One of the best ways to do this is to thoroughly know your buyers’ pain points. By understanding what they need, you can position your solution as the best choice for addressing those needs. And likely, they want those needs addressed as soon as possible.

Presenting them with a genuine solution that perfectly targets their pain points will be too impossible to resist. The professionals at SalesDrive point out:

By crafting a sales pitch that reinforces pain points and addresses them with enthusiasm and urgency, sales reps set the stage for prospects to begin [to] see the offer in front of them as the best solution to address their needs.”

For tips on how to uncover pain points, take a look at these tips

Emphasize the Cost of Not Buying

Showing the buyer the impact not buying could have is another great urgency sales technique. This goes hand-​in-​hand with knowing their pain points. Efti explains, “make sure your prospects are always vividly aware of their unsolved problem, the good that will come from solving it, and why your products are the best solution.”

Emphasize what they may be risking by not buying through urgency-​related questions. Doing so will help you paint a picture of how procrastinating could cost them, without the pushiness. Consider asking these, suggested by Spinify:

  • When do you need this solution?
  • What would happen if you don’t solve this problem?
  • How will this affect your team/​company/​customers?
  • What would be the consequences of not taking action?
  • What happens if you act now?
  • What happens if you don’t act now?
  • How does your boss feel about this problem?
  • Which aspect of this problem do you find more frustrating?
  • On a scale of 1–10, how important is it to solve this problem?
  • What are the long-​term effects of not solving this problem?

Use Time to Your Advantage

Another one of the most effective urgency sales techniques is using time as an ally. You don’t want to pressure the buyer. However, making timing an issue can be a less pushy way to encourage the purchase. 

Offering time-​sensitive incentives is one way to speed up the decision. Efti shares insights from Ryan Mckenzie, the Co-​Founder and CMO of Tru Earth, on the topic. He says, "Introduce limited-​time discounts, exclusive deals, or set deadlines for customers to take advantage of additional perks or bonuses. This tactic often works well as it instills a fear of missing out (FOMO) in customers, prompting them to act quickly."

Small Things to Keep In Mind

When implementing urgency sales techniques, make sure that you don’t suddenly spring them onto the buyer. Springing a sudden deadline isn’t professional. Instead, be consistent with your messaging about acting quickly and the benefits of doing so.

Also, be genuine. Be transparent and clear that you want to help the buyer and that closing soon is for their benefit. This requires tapping into your own empathy to demonstrate you care about what they stand to gain or lose.

You can shorten your sales cycle by incorporating urgency sales techniques. Both you and your new clients can reap the rewards sooner.

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