Adult Day Care Centers to Alert Consumers to Risks of Loneliness

BY Rachel Cagle
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Immanuel Communities is shining a spotlight on the Loneliness Epidemic among seniors across America, and it is providing tips on how seniors can leave loneliness behind. Loneliness, which affects one in three aging adults, is a serious epidemic among seniors in the U.S. According to a National Poll on Healthy Aging, chronic loneliness can impact one's memory, physical well-​being, mental health and life expectancy.

The symptoms of loneliness are complex, and while its signs can be concealed, they often come during a change of circumstance in a person's life. Retiring from a career and missing the social contact that came with it, health issues that prevent people from participating in things they've always enjoyed or the death of a loved one can lead to isolation. 

According to the AARP, potential signs of loneliness can include poor eating habits, loss of interest in personal hygiene or appearance and significant clutter in the home, as well as a general lack of interest or withdrawal.

Jennifer Knecht, vice president of marketing and communications at Immanuel Communities, emphasizes the importance of combating the senior loneliness epidemic. "Loneliness not only lessens seniors' quality of life; it shortens lifespans. A sense of community can make a world of difference in seniors' lives."

"Finding companionship is particularly important for seniors," Knecht said. "No matter what an aging adult's season in life and personal needs are, finding thoughtfully planned living options, inviting wellness programs, engaging social opportunities and spiritual support can help senior loved ones live large and leave loneliness behind."

Retirees watch a lot of TV, according to AudienceSCAN; 76.5% watch a minimum of three hours on a daily basis. While they're watching, they can be enlightened to the dangers of loneliness through TV ads, which inspired 46.1% of Retirees to take action last year.

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