Advertiser Buys 12-​Month Contract Following AdMall PRO Presentation

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Increase and maintain occupancy percentage

A storage company in Statesville, North Carolina had made a dent in the local market, but was struggling to increase sales. Danielle McNeely, of The Statesville Record & Landmark, quickly took note.

[The owner] was born and raised in Statesville,” said McNeely. “He and his wife have been married since they were teenagers. He believes in high-​quality services, and it pays off. He knows he is ‘not the cheapest in Statesville, but the best!’”

Solution: Leverage AdMall’s Digital Audit and Presentation tools

McNeely has been using AdMall since she started as a multimedia specialist in 2017, so she was already knowledgeable about its sales tools and confident in her ability to use AdMall to help her close the deal.

I used the entire AdMall presentation for this sale, as well as a digital audit,” said McNeely. “This campaign has a healthy mix of print and digital. He is investing in our ‘Find It Local’ program for SEO, Digital Banner Ads for branding and awareness and SEM when needed for targeted. I set his digital campaign up for a specific monthly budget, rather than a certain product. This gives me the capability to cater his campaign to his needs on a monthly basis.”

I have been using AdMall since day one,” said McNeely. “A prerequisite of my position was being AdMall certified from the start. It is becoming very hard to choose a favorite element of AdMall, as features are added regularly, but I am still in love with the Digital Audit.”

Result: A $9,000 sale and satisfying ROI results

The investment total is $9,000 annually,” said McNeely. “I meet with [the owner] monthly to go over his campaign results and creative. He is very in tune with his campaign. He checks his reporting regularly and has a questionnaire he fills out on each customer, so he knows where they are coming from. I am happy to report that, each month, he is pleased with his results. His ROI is right where he needs it, and his results are holding strong.”