Advertising Averse Landscaping Company Buys Back in with AdMall

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Acquiring landscaping permits and showcasing their products against competitors'

Jennifer Barlow, a multimedia account representative for the Daily Messenger, had to be cautious when approaching a local landscaping and lawn care business in her area.

They have been burnt by ad agency companies before and were leery about running any kind of ads or promotions,” said Barlow. “They are a landscaping and hardscaping company who is also venturing in retail as well. It is a husband and wife owner who dream big, but were afraid to trust.”

The landscaping company ran into trouble getting the town to approve their building permits and standing out against their competitors in the marketplace. Barlow knew she could be of assistance with the latter issue.

Solution: Show the company where they could digitally improve

Barlow is an AdMall veteran, having sold media for over 11 years and using AdMall for over four years. She knew she could use the digital audit to get her message across to the potential client.

I met with [the landscaping] client with AdMall's digital audit report in hand and pointed out some issues and where they rank digitally with competitors,” said Barlow. “She didn't understand a lot about the digital information at first and she decided to have a meeting with the owners at a later time.”

Result: A seasonal contract over $10,000

We met with them again and went over everything and walked out with a $10K digital contract, with print aspects as well,” said Barlow.

The campaign Barlow came up with for the landscaping company included online display, SEM and print ads. According to Barlow, the business is getting a lot more calls and has already sold two sheds. The final contract was for a $10,500 ad spend over three months with the option for an extension after the campaign ended.