Advertising to Hispanic Consumers During the Pandemic

BY Rachel Cagle
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Hispanics make up 19% of the U.S. population (roughly 62.3 million people) and are arguably among the most social of U.S. consumer demographics, according to Nielsen’s Cultural Connectivity Transformed report. With COVID-​19 forcing them away from their friends and family, this demographic has switched up the way they interact with media in order to stay connected with their loved ones. And that switch has presented businesses with increased opportunities for advertising to Hispanic consumers.

Advertising to Hispanic Consumers


Even before the pandemic set in, Hispanic consumers have been avid smartphone users. 98% of this demographic are smartphone owners (that’s more than the U.S. as a whole at only 93%). Not only do more than 61 million Hispanics own smartphones, they spend an average of 30 hours on their phones every single week. “When compared to the total population,” writes Nielsen, “Hispanics spent almost two more hours per week watching videos, streaming audio and social networking on their smartphones during COVID-​19, as a way to bridge the social distancing gap.” The many uses Hispanic consumers have for their phones provide advertisers with great options for advertising to them.


Smartphones aren’t the only way Hispanics are staying connected. When the pandemic first hit the U.S. in March, Hispanics began streaming more TV. Their average weekly viewing time increased by eight hours. At least 70% of Hispanics increased their TV viewing as they social distanced. This makes advertising to Hispanic consumers even easier for streaming TV advertisers since 78% of Hispanic households have at least one subscription video-​on-​demand subscription. 61% of Hispanics have also begun watching more news broadcasts on their TVs. However, only 18% of this demographic actually believe the TV news is accurate.


Which medium do they think provides accurate information? The radio, especially during COVID-​19. 62% of Hispanics believe that the radio has been a reliable source for news updates this year. According to Nielsen, radio, “serves as a trusted conduit of culturally relevant information on matters at home and abroad, which underscores why Latinos consistently turned to trusted radio personalities for information updates on COVID.” Most (60%+) of Hispanic’s radio consumption takes place outside of their homes. Hispanics aren’t just listening to the radio for news updates, though. For 42% of these consumers, the radio also helps them not feel so alone while they’re social distancing. Overall, 37% of Hispanics say that they’ve begun listening to the radio more often and for longer periods of time since March.

Businesses advertising to Hispanic consumers can utilize this increased time spent tuning into the radio. Hispanics’ top five favorite types of radio stations are:

  • Mexican Regional: 14.6% of Hispanic adults agree
  • Spanish Contemporary/​HOTAC: 10.6%
  • Adult Contemporary: 8.2%
  • Pop Contemporary Hit Radio (Top 40): 7.4%
  • Spanish Adult Hits: 5.9%

Hispanic consumers are listening to these stations in a variety of ways, including at home, on their mobile devices, using smart speakers and through their computers.

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